Guitar With Wings


A word from Richard Niles, who not only co-produced this album, but was instrumental in Laurence joining Wings.

I met Laurence Juber in 1975. I had recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music and now had a publishing deal with Essex Music where David Barnes recommended Laurence for my sessions as a composer/arranger/producer.

​Laurence’s prodigious technique had already made him one of the top studio guitarists in London. We started having fun immediately both as friends and musical explorers in the extremely creative period of the mid- ‘70s.
Laurence is that rarest of guitarists: jack of all styles and master of ALL. He also has the ability to inject his personality, his particular brand of optimism into any music that falls under his nimble fingers. Fans who know him now as an acoustic specialist have an opportunity on this album to hear his superb electric playing.
As Musical Director of a TV series for British pop star David Essex, I wrote a special solo for Laurence to play for guest Denny Laine on his song “Go Now”. Denny loved it and called me up the next week saying that Wings were looking for a new guitarist, and might Laurence like to audition? He got the gig!
Later, McCartney asked Laurence to record songs from his MPL music publishing catalogue. When this opportunity to make a album indulging our musical fantasies came along, we jumped on it like two puppies on a ball of string.  By this time, we were both experienced ‘studio cats’ and were able to record these musical gems with the best musicians, studios and engineers. 
This truly unique album ranges from the funk/reggae of “There Will Never Be Another You” to the disco/rock of “You’re No Good” to the psychedelic orchestral blues of “Stormy Weather” – BB King meets Gershwin. As I sat in an upstairs room in MPL writing the arrangements I was in a dream world only limited by my imagination. While arranging “Stormy Weather” I even included the sound of a passing ambulance!
Laurence made each track a guitar master-class, making every style his own, emotive, lyrical, joyous and passionate. It’s difficult to imagine that an album like this could be made today when music is largely controlled by commercial considerations. So listen and enjoy as two young men express their love of the art of music.
​ Dr. Richard Niles (2014)
Produced by  Laurence Juber & Richard Niles Recorded Summer 1979 London, England

1. You’re No Good (Ballard) 2. Dinah (Akst/Lewis/Young) 3. Don’t Let Go (Juber/Niles) 4. Maisie (Juber) 5. There Will Never Be Another You (Warren/Gordon) 6. Stormy Weather (Arlen /Koehler) 7. Autumn Leaves (Kosma/Mercer/Prevert) 8. Four Brothers (Guiffre) 9. After You’ve Gone (Creamer/Layton) 10. The Christmas Song (Torme/Wells)
Soon to be available as audiophile-quality high resolution downloads.
Limited Edition CD that accompanies the special edition of Guitar With Wings. Includes “Maisie” recorded during sessions for Wings’album Back To The Egg